Meet The Team

Our passion is to use technology creatively to help churches & pastors better connect with members and first time guests.

Our Story

Building community with friends and family can be one of the most beautiful pictures of God's love for us. It's actually at the heart of why we started Text In Church - we wanted to help pastors build authentic relationships with their church family and guests.

You can probably picture the faces of new people who walked in the door as a guest and are now a part of your congregation, and enjoying community and fellowship.

You can also probably picture some of the faces that walked in your church doors for the first time, left and never came back. And that hurts. Especially when you know you wanted to reach out more but maybe you just didn't have the time, energy, or simply their contact information.

The Co-founder of Text In Church, Tyler Smith, set out to help his brother’s church plant in California. They had guests coming through the door, but they couldn’t find a way to be consistent in following up with them. Unfortunately, many of them slipped through the cracks.

Tyler built a tool for his brother to use, and other churches asked what their church was doing to grow so quickly. Within a couple months, over one hundred churches were using his platform.

Tyler decided to quit his job and go into full time church communication ministry! Our platform has come a long way since then. And... it's because of church leaders (like you). You've shared ideas, strategies & suggestions and we've listened.

We are so thankful for the feedback we have gotten to make Text In Church what it is today. We are constantly learning and improving how we can better serve churches like you!

Our Team

Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith
Co-Founder & CEO
Don Smith
Co-Founder & Marketing Manager
Jake Lisby
Chief Technology Officer
Jenna Vreugdenhil
Director Of Outreach
Rachel O'Brien
Member Success Manager
Caleb Miller
Member Success Consultant
Zach Hord
Content Manager
Patrick Little
Product Developer