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Text In Church's Automated Workflows... Revealed!

Automated workflows will save you LOTS of time, keep people from falling through the cracks and make you into a communication pro.

Get Obsessed: 6 Crucial Pieces of Engaging First Time Church Guests

Make sure your first time guests walk out your door on a Sunday morning impacted and continue to feel that impact for days to come.

Text In Church’s Response To The Cell Phone Carrier Crack Down

We want to make sure that you completely understand the issues and are fully aware of how Text In Church has your back.

A Year in Review

Check out all 2018 had in store for Text In Church!

Building Trust In Your Church: Living Out Core Values Through Guest Follow-up

Learn 5 ways to build trust with your church guest follow-up process!

Boost Church Attendance by 10% With One Simple Texting Strategy

Increasing your church attendance really can be easy, efficient, and effective!

3 Reasons Why Your Church is Struggling to Reach Young Families

Discover 3 ways your church might be failing to connect with young families... and how to fix it!

Top 15 Ways Thriving Churches Communicate

These 15 communication tips are key to help your church move from surviving to thriving!

The Top 3 Connection Card Strategies

There's no follow up unless there's an initial connection. Facilitate that effortlessly with these 3 proven, simple, and effective ways to use a church connection card.

3 Ways Your Efforts To Make Your Church’s Guests Feel Welcome Are Backfiring

Is your guest follow-up approach discouraging guests from coming back?