Encouragement From ENGAGE Conference 2020

I don’t know about you, but I could use some positivity on the internet! With all of the COVID19 updates and political messages, every time I check my email or open Facebook, my heart races.

We have worked really hard at being relevant and helpful during this time. However, we also wanted to create a little space that isn’t updating you on new policies or COVID19 response. We just want to encourage you, inspire you, maybe even excite you! You are part of a pivotal moment in history! And while it’s because of really unfortunate circumstances, we still have the opportunity to inspire hope and share the love of Jesus in a new(ish) and extremely accessible way.

So, we’ve loaded this post up with some of the best and most inspiring quotes from the ENGAGE Conference 2020. If one sticks out to you, write it down, screenshot it, share it on social. Let’s share some good with ourselves and with others. You are doing an amazing job!

“You have a personalized message and the world needs to hear it.”
– Brandon Cox

“Having an experimental mindset keeps you from thinking you have to get it perfect before you commit.”
– Michael Hyatt

“Take your needs and look outside of yourself and draw life from the support given us. The Bible calls this LOVE.”
– Dr. Henry Cloud

“The world is going to listen to the message you have when they connect with how your heart has been broken over it.”
– Brandon Cox

“There is a difference between reaching more people and reaching more people effectively.”
– Dawn Nicole Baldwin

“Church Online looks to replicate the physical experience online. Thus creating a spiritual community in a digital environment.”
– Ben Stapley

“You are sufficient just as you are today.”
– Nona Jones

“‘It’s lonely at the top’ is a myth. We were never meant to do this alone.”
– Dr. Henry Cloud

“Your biggest barrier is the fear that you can’t create content that’s consistent.”
– Trey VanCamp

“Our job is not to put on big events, our job is to make disciples.”
– Ryan Wakefield

“You can’t do everything yourself, so surround yourself with people who can.”
– Phil Cooke

“As the church of Jesus Christ, we should be a change agent for good.”
– Michael Hyatt

“God’s favor will take you places that hustle never will.”
– Nona Jones

“The opposite of bad is not good. The opposite of bad is LOVED.”
– Dr. Henry Cloud

“Fail fast so you can learn and get back on track quickly.”
– Phil Cooke

“Faith is what happens when we trust God with our resume.”
– Nona Jones

“Encourage your team to worry less about failure and more about creative thinking.”
– Phil Cooke

I do hope these quotes were refreshing for your mind and spirit. Praying for peace and clarity for you as you prepare for another Sunday online. But also praying for rest and time for you to care for yourself. People are more desperate for hope and community now than ever before; the work you are doing matters so very much! Text In Church is here to resource you as you navigate these uncharted waters.

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Remember that you are not alone; we are all trying to figure this out while continuing on mission. And you are doing an amazing job!

Posted on: March 9, 2020

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