ENGAGE Conference 2020

Technology can and should be one of the greatest tools used for connection in this generation. It already has been in almost every industry. Businesses have been leveraging the latest technologies for decades. Churches, however, have been slower to embrace these advances, and we are on a mission to change that!

At Text In Church, we equip church leaders with the best technology so they can engage with their members and guests. Our platform allows church leaders to use automation with emails and text messages to follow-up. So, the messages you send can be highly personalized and intentional without any error of forgetting or a person falling through the cracks. However, the more we’ve worked with church leaders, the greater awareness we gained of the need for church leaders to better understand technology in general.

Technology, given at face value, can sometimes cause more confusion and work for the user. So, we created a FREE, all online conference called ENGAGE where church leaders can access tech training from top thought leaders and church leaders on how to use technology effectively at the local church. The sessions are tactical and practical; only proven strategies and effective tools to help churches reach more people are shared at ENGAGE sessions.

A big part of our heart in creating ENGAGE was eliminating barriers for church leaders to access quality training. Gone are the days of being able to take off a week of work, travel all over the country, pay for hotels and food, and attend back to back days of live training. Most church leaders simply can’t afford it. So, ENGAGE allows attendees to watch on their own time, from wherever they can get a wifi connection.

The vast majority of church leaders we have the privilege of working with are juggling lots of responsibilities and don’t have the ability to delegate much to other staff. They, hopefully, have a core group of volunteers to rely on, but otherwise are trying to balance it all and shepherd their congregation the best they can. Giving these church leaders access to tech tools that can serve as a staff person for them, literally taking tasks off their plates and giving them time back, is such a game-changer, and has become a huge part of our mission.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about ENGAGE and some of the things we think make it so fantastic!

What is ENGAGE Conference?

ENGAGE Conference is a FREE online training event from February 4-12 that will equip you to help your members and guests feel known, noticed, and loved. We’ve got over 35 sessions that focus on how to navigate our high tech world and each session gives you tools and strategies to connect with your community and build better relationships.

What does it cost?

Nada! Zilch! Zero! I think you get the point 🙂 ENGAGE is a completely FREE conference. One of the biggest drivers behind making ENGAGE possible is eliminating the barriers in the way of church leaders having access to quality training.

What makes ENGAGE Conference different from other online conferences?

ENGAGE is specific enough to hit specific pain points at local churches and broad enough to cover the needs of varying church sizes and locations all across the country. Plus, you’ll be led by a once-in-a-lifetime group of speakers who are experts in their fields.

Who should attend?

ENGAGE conference is designed for pastors, church leaders, ministry staff or volunteers, and communication managers. Whether you are just starting out in ministry or have been pastoring for years, we’ve got sessions that will help equip and inspire you in leading your church well. You can attend by yourself or bring your whole team along!

Do I need to travel?

THIS IS THE BEST PART! Because this is an ONLINE conference, we bring the sessions to you! Feel free to watch in the comfort of your own home or with your team!

How does an online conference work?

Leading up to the conference, you’ll receive an email with details about how to access the daily session pages. We’ll email you each day to give you that day’s link and share other ways you can connect with conference attendees through social media.

How many sessions are there and how long are they?

There are at least 5 sessions per day and sessions range from 15 minutes to around 25 minutes. ALL are packed with practical tools, strategies, and insights to help you discover how technology can open the doors for more connectedness with your members and guests and help you grow your church.

Who is leading the sessions?

Ok, brace yourselves… we’ve got a full slate of the most brilliant minds in the church technology and leadership space including Phil Cooke, Michael Hyatt, Ed Stetzer, Danielle Strickland, Natchi Lazarus, and Nona Jones. AND, we’ve also brought in some of your favorite church communications gurus like Katie Allred, Trey Van Camp, Ben Stapely, Ryan Wakefield, and so many more!

How do I sign up?

Sign up is a breeze! Just head on over to engageconference.church to GET YOUR FREE TICKET .

Are there different learning tracks?

All of the sessions are included in your free ticket, so you’re not limited to one track. However, the sessions can be organized by these topics:

• Church Leadership
• Social Media
• Websites
• Church Online
• Guest Experience & Follow-Up

What if I can’t make it to one of the sessions?

Each session is available for 3 days after it “airs”. However, if you can’t fit them all in, or if you want lifetime access to this amazing content, UPGRADE YOUR FREE TICKET to a VIP ALL-ACCESS PASS for just $67. This will give you lifetime access, along with some amazing bonuses you don’t want to miss! But this price is only good for a limited time, so HOP ON IT!


What makes ENGAGE Conference so special and different than most events is you…

• Learn directly from 35+ church leaders (and accelerate your learning)
• Get a FREE ticket to attend
• Have access to value-packed, relevant training from a once-in-a-lifetime group of speakers
• Don’t have to travel at all (it’s all online)
• Watch the sessions on your time (3 days to view each session)
• Beginner, intermediate, and advanced talks

In fact, you’ll discover the exact blueprints and success shortcuts from these church leaders using the right technology to reach more people. They’ve compressed decades of their best ideas and strategies into hours.

Click here to get your FREE ticket to ENGAGE Conference now so you can make your church members and guests feel known, noticed, and loved using the right strategies and the right technology!


Posted on: January 22, 2020

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