Text In Church's Automated Workflows... Revealed!

One of the biggest features Text In Church has is our Automated Workflows. These are unique to us and, we believe, part of what makes the best church communication platform out there. But really, this tool is what allows us to deliver on the promise of saving church leaders time without compromising genuine connection with your church members and guests.

I’m sure there are a handful of you out there who know what Automated Workflows are. But, if you’re anything like me, you’d never heard of them until you interacted with Text In Church for the first time. So, I want to walk you through exactly what an Automated Workflow is.

This is important because then it will be easier to see how this one feature is an incredible resource for saving time and facilitating genuine connections with members and guests alike. In a large and oversimplified nutshell, Automated Workflows come down to consistent follow-up. Whether it is with your first-time guests, your leadership team, your nursery workers, people who attend an outreach event, the options are endless!

And automated workflows are the tool that actually allows you to have a touching point with all of those people. Okay, let’s dive in and see them in action...

What is an Automated Workflow?

Automated Workflows are a series of messages created to be sent to a designated group of people following their addition to a group. For example…

Here you have Anna who visited your church for the first time. She filled out a paper connection card and left it in the offertory plate, but none of the staff had the opportunity to meet her. One of you could call her and invite her for coffee or just say thanks for coming. But we know that very few people answer their phones if a number they don’t know is calling. So, you could set a reminder to call her again, or you could text her from your personal cell (but is that a boundary you don’t want to lose with all new people). Or you could shoot her a quick email and hope that she’s one of the 20% that reads her emails.


You could input her contact information into your “First Time Guest Follow-up” Group which will trigger the automated workflow of messages to be sent at the perfect time to each of your church’s first-time guests… every… single… time.

As an aside, we have created these messages already, as well as a calendar of 6 weeks' worth of follow-up . You can edit these to fit your needs or create your own!

Still confused? Why don’t you check it out for yourself? Click the play button below and Jack will show you around...


Hopefully, now that you’ve seen the automated workflows within our system, you have a much clearer idea what they are. Now, the even more important part… WHY are these such a big deal?!

Why Use Automated Workflows?

Well, first of all, they’re a huge timesaver. Depending on how you have your system set up, you could have all of your guests follow up from a Sunday morning done in 45 seconds.

Forty. Five. Seconds.

Think about how long it takes you, a staff member or volunteer to try and connect and follow up with one first time guest right now. Not to mention that your church hopefully had more than one guest.

Proof’s in the pudding, dude. It will give you a lot of time back.

The other reason why we love them is that they fill in the cracks where we believe guests have fallen before. Our automated workflows can be designed for any amount of time or for any manner in which you want to follow up. It can set reminders for phone calls or home visits, it can keep emailing or texting for months, and it can be changed as the status of that individual at your church could change.

Here’s an example: Let’s say that nice gal, Anna, who visited your church received the first follow up text, and responded. She thanked you for reaching out and asked to get coffee. You meet up and learn about her passions and decide to get her connected with your missions liaison. You can now move her into your missions group if you have one, or just remove her from your guest follow up workflow.

Regardless, that automated message created a way for you to connect one on one with that individual.

Check this out…

TIC has allowed us to reach out to our first-time guests within a few hours of them coming and ask how we can connect them? Our initial text includes a welcome and asks if they have any questions. The responses have been amazing. About 50% of the people we send a text to after their first visit respond back to us. The responses range from “no questions at this time, but thanks for reaching out” to “I am looking for more information on a small group/women’s ministry/children’s programs/baptism/etc” to the really poignant ones – “my wife just passed away. Do you offer grief groups?” to a mom who has terminal cancer and wants to help her family get connected at church before she passes. People also share their experiences of our church. Those range from “It was a beautiful service” to “I had tears streaming down my face”. These are contacts that normally would take us much longer to make if not for this invaluable tool. - Melanie Hill, Church of the Resurrection

And we have found that to be true with so many churches we work with! They were missing opportunities to really connect with their guests. And creating a system where they can plug people in and be following up in a way that is relevant and consistent has helped immensely to relieve that issue!

Alright, our last point, the “how.” This is a fun one because, truly, the options are endless. Automated workflows are incredibly effective, obviously, for following up with guests, for engaging members, onboarding volunteers, communicating needs, sharing prayer requests, and the list goes on. Check out some of our very best ways to use automated workflows . And let me know, how are you using them??


So, in summary, Automated Workflows are a series of text messages and emails that go out to a created group based on when they are added to that group. They are all customizable within Text In Church, super easy to use and incredibly powerful.

5 HUGE Pros to Automated Workflows…

  1. Save you a LOT of time
  2. Save you the heartache of people falling through the cracks
  3. Allow you to continue conversations after people leave your church property
  4. Speed up your ability to build relationships
  5. Make you into a communication pro with consistent, relevant and personal messages

This piece of technology wasn’t built to replace human interaction; quite the opposite! It helps church leaders like you facilitate more human interaction and stay connected with your members and guests.

P.S. Thousands of churches use Text in Church every week to save time, reach more people, and increase their impact. Start your free trial today to see just how easy it is.