Text In Church’s Response to COVID-19

Hands down, the best part of my job at Text In Church is getting to play a small part in helping to propel the efforts of the local church forward. Working alongside church leaders is so inspiring. Seeing churches everywhere collaborating, sharing the mission of connecting individuals to community and sharing the love of Christ.

I believe in the power of the local church to change the world and the spirit of hope it brings to all those who interact with it. That spirit is more important today than ever before. This company and community are grounded in that, and I am so proud to be a part of it.

As our daily lives continue to change and adjust to the growing pandemic we face, the message and hope brought by you and your church has not changed and will not change. We have the opportunity to offer a sense of stability, of relief from the chaos and unknown, to bring peace.

In each of your little corners of the internet, your services are being watched by more people than ever before. Because people are scared. And your opportunity to create connection and community with them is not gone.

As the world continues to feel the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19), Text In Church is rallying to help churches connect better than ever before. Now is a time for us to unify, share resources, and help equip churches all across the country to continue to spread hope and build community.

One point that I hope is worth making, especially in the midst of so many businesses struggling, is that Text In Church is positioned and prepared to walk through this season with you. Our system is performing optimally and our staff is used to working remotely. We are not going anywhere, and we are going to support you and your communities’ needs to the very best of our ability.

Practically speaking, here’s what that looks like…

• Text In Church is free for 60 days for any church interested in using our platform to stay connected with your members and online guests!

• Members receive 1000 extra text messages to their account every month for the next 60 days. This happens automatically, so if you’re a member you should see these in your account. If not, reach out to support@textinchurch.com .

• Jeanette Yates, our Communication Manager, is hosting weekly live training to talk through different strategies for connecting with your members and guests exclusively online.

• Download our new Livestream Guest Follow-Up Plan with done-for-you messages so you can connect with all of the individuals who “attend” your church for the first time while you’re hosting online services.

• Download our new Text Messaging Guide to keep your community connected. This is full of text message templates you can use to connect with parents, youth, staff, and members.

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We are constantly working to create new resources as needed, and we are here for any suggestions or needs you may have! During a time where we are being asked to distance ourselves, people can begin to feel really isolated. Let’s be part of reminding them that they are not alone! Now, more than ever, we can see how technology can be used to facilitate incredible human interaction so people continue to feel known, noticed, and loved.

Happy Connecting!

Posted on: March 19, 2020

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