Text In Church’s Response To The Cell Phone Carrier Crack Down

There is great controversy around Verizon’s new fees and message filtering that is impacting text messaging companies everywhere. We want to make sure that you completely understand the issues and are fully aware of how Text In Church has your back.


What’s Happening

A recent decision by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ensured US carriers’ text-messaging services would remain largely unregulated. This law was intended to protect consumers from spam. However, Verizon, the largest phone carrier in the U.S., has announced that as of February 1st, 2019 they will impose significant delivery fees to their messages. All in the name of “SPAM” prevention, they have also rolled out extreme filtering algorithms that have effectively stopped all text messages with links from being delivered.

How This Is Impacting Text In Church Members

Unfortunately, Text In Church has not been immune to Verizon’s fees and extreme filtering. Our costs have gone up significantly to send our members’ text messages, and we have also been frustrated to see so many of those messages “carrier filtered” and never delivered. Many of our members use links in their text messages to have guests fill out a connection card, sign up for monthly giving, register for an event, etc. These messages are critical.

And… your Text In Church messages are not spam!

We feel your frustration and are committed to doing everything in our power to alleviate the impact of these changes on your church communications.

What Text In Church Is Doing About It

We’re extremely disappointed by these decisions, but our priority is making sure that your church’s messages are delivered. So, effective January 15th, we have implemented an automated retry system to ensure the highest deliverability of your messages possible. Now, when a message is filtered by the carrier and not delivered successfully, Text In Church will automatically resend that message from a toll-free number (which has higher deliverability).

Additionally, we are in the process of provisioning a shortcode that will be leveraged to resend filtered messages. Shortcodes have the highest deliverability available and are not subject to the same SPAM guidelines as local numbers. However, we fully acknowledge that shortcodes offer a less personal experience than local numbers.

One thing we want to make abundantly clear is Text In Church is NOT raising your prices. We are absorbing the increased costs associated with Verizon’s actions and are working with all the carriers to find an agreeable solution.

Know that we are committed to you and the work you do and we will continue to stay on top of any changes that may continue.

Posted on: January 15, 2019

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