The FREE, Must-Have Training You Need in 2020 to Skyrocket Your Church Growth

This is a crazy time of year. For you as a church leader, the holiday frenzy is dialed up a notch. Not only are you preparing for Christmas events and services - the decorations, the rehearsals, the extra activities, the outreach events - but you are also looking ahead to the new year.

How can your church continue to support your mission and point to the vision you have for your community? What things will stay the same? What can you change to reach more people, grow your community, and build better relationships?

As you put a bow on 2019, you are also unwrapping possibilities for 2020 and beyond.

The Christmas season is a time of much celebration, festivities, and even time with your family and friends. But, for church leaders, it can also feel, well, a bit overwhelming. Perhaps you are feeling overworked or your church is facing budget issues. Maybe there’s been a decline in attendance or you are just feeling disconnected from your community.

We get it.

We know the hurdles churches face throughout the year, which is why we created the ENGAGE Conference - a FREE tech conference to help your members and guests feel known, noticed and loved. Consider this our Christmas gift to you!

Here’s exactly what you’ll get when you sign up for ENGAGE Conference 2020 . First, and foremost, you’ll receive the latest insight from 35+ experts in leadership development, websites and branding, social media strategy, guest experience and follow-up, and big-picture ideas.

We are kicking off this FREE 8-day conference on February 4th, 2020 with some fun and laughs with comedian, actor, and author, Michael Jr. His television appearances include The Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Comedy Central, among others. He is hilarious and dedicated to creating comedy that inspires. What a great way to kick-off the conference!

Then, Days 2 through 8 will be jam-packed with practical and tactical tools from experts in their given fields. Although ENGAGE Conference doesn’t require you to choose a specific track for the content you watch, most of the presentations will fall into one of the categories listed below...

Church Leadership

• Discover how to develop an experimental mindset in your church (Michael Hyatt)
• Get insights about key trends on how to understand and engage with the culture (Ed Stetzer)
• Learn 3 practices that can help you stay rooted and grounded in Christ (Danielle Strickland)
• Gain direction for leading congregations in weaving the Gospel-focused passion and practice into the very DNA of church life. (Kevin Harney)
• Improve the mental and emotional health of you and your staff as well as your congregation(Henry Cloud)
• Be inspired to lead courageously and influence those around you as you build the Kingdom of God in new and innovative ways. (Jenny Randle)

Social Media

Learn how to create an effective social media strategy to reach more people.
• Understand the ministry of social media and its impact on society (Nona Jones)
• Discover how social media tools can help you grow your community online (Darcy Peters)
• Learn how to create and maintain a social media team (Brianna Walters)
• Review a simple and effective 8-step social media audit framework for churches and ministries (Natchi Lazarus)


Review, evaluate, and improve your website.
• Know why your website is one of the top 5 communications priorities for pastors (Phil Cooke)
• Discover the 4 pillars of a healthy brand (Stephen Brewster)
• Create a guest-friendly homepage (Katie Allred)
• Get a step-by-step guide on SEO (Tyler Rominger)

Church Online

Thinking about utilizing more video strategy in 2020?
• Learn how to increase your impact in ministry using church online (Ben Stapely)
• Find out how to use video to vlog your ministry journey in order to communicate truth and be an influencer in the lives of others (Trey VanCamp).

Guest Experience & Follow-up

Make 2020 the year you spend less time managing tools and more time building relationships with guest experience and follow up strategies.
• Equip your members to create a welcoming environment for your guests. (Michael Lukaszewski)
• Learn the steps to creating an effective and efficient guest follow-up strategy. (Yvonne Gentile)
• Rethink your follow-up processes for high-attendance Sundays like Christmas and Easter. (Ryan Wakefield)
• Increase your responses to connection cards. (Ryan Keller)
• Engage people with print media in the digital world (Paul Fleming)

Whether you are a small church, a multi-site church, a church plant, or somewhere in between, Engage Conference 2020 will equip you with practical tips and tools to make sure your members and guests feel known, noticed, and loved. This conference is FREE and ONLINE , February 4-12, 2020.

There is no travel required so you can learn directly from top experts in the church communications and leadership space in a way that is convenient for you. Registration is simple. You can get your free ticket HERE , and read more about our excellent lineup of speakers.

Give you and your team the gift of high-quality, practical, and effective training this Christmas. If you're ready to reach more people using the right technology, then grab your FREE ticket to ENGAGE 2020 today !