Text In Church vs. PastorsLine

Text In Church vs. PastorsLine

How do these church texting services stack up?

Many churches are struggling to reach their communities and are looking for an effective way to communicate using text messaging. Now, there is a lot of competition in the church text messaging space. And while that sounds great, choosing the right one can quickly become an overwhelming process. 

How do you know who to trust? Companies can say one thing in their marketing, but too often being a customer (unfortunately) doesn’t line up at all with the promises they made early. We hate it when it happens to us, too. Our team is committed to serving our customers well. 

So here’s the deal… we’re not going to say bad things about our competitors. Instead, we’re going to present the facts and then let you decide if Text In Church is the right fit for your ministry.

Text In Church vs. PastorsLine

We love our customers. And the feeling is mutual…

Award winning… Everything!

These awards and review ratings reflect a product and work environment that is committed to excellence, making Text In Church members the happiest around! From our competent and committed support staff to our effective and user-friendly platform, our mission is to help you spend less time managing tools and more time making your people feel embraced, encouraged, and excited to be a part of your church community.

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The fact is, you are able to save time, reach more people, and increase your ministry impact using Text In Church. While PastorsLine limits you to only texting, with Text In Church you can send texts and emails as well as set reminder messages for yourself or your staff.

Save time using Automated Workflows that will automatically send messages; no more people slipping through the cracks. Reach more people with personalized messaging that welcomes, encourages, invites, and opens doors to have real conversations with 2-way messaging.

And – increase ministry impact by making it easier than ever for your community to connect with you on your website using our Smart Connect Card; another feature exclusive to Text In Church that allows you to integrate your Plan A Visit and registration forms with our award-winning church texting and email communication software!

PLUS… with unlimited contacts, unlimited groups, unlimited keywords, unlimited email sending, and unlimited digital connect cards, the possibilities to care, communicate, and connect with your people are endless. With Text In Church… you’ll be a communication pro!


Why church leaders love Text In Church!

Engage with your members (2-Way Messaging)

90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes. Leverage the most powerful church texting service available to engage with your community. We’re talking increased attendance, deeper relationships and greater participation!

Follow-up with your guests (Automated Workflows)

Following up with your first time guests is often overlooked. However, it’s critical to the health of your church. With automated follow-up in place, your first time guests will feel connected and want to return week after week.

Award winning customer service

In addition to our help center, we pride ourselves in providing top of the line phone, email, and in-app chat support. You can count on us to answer all your questions in a timely manner, and provide best tips and strategies around your church’s goals.

The trusted communication software to help your church thrive

Although we already provide a top of the line email and text messaging service to help you foster deep relationships within your community, we are innovators at heart and constantly strive to step up our game day in and out. Churches are saving time and building relationships as they combine our digital connection card (no back and forth just to get their contact info), seamless integrations, and automated workflows.

Thriving churches use Text In Church

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