Your Current  Phone System Has
5 HUGE Problems

With the current technology we have at our fingertips, your phone system should be able to do way more than simply make and take phone calls.

And the worst part of all this is that you may think your current phone system is actually working or that it’s good enough. Watch this video to see why it's not.

Transform Your Phone Into Your
Best Ministry Tool


Create more engaging conversations with people in your community and encourage them on their journey to find answers, to find community, and to find Jesus. 

Below are the top 5 reasons thousands of churches are ditching their current phone system for Talk In Church... a more reliable, people-focused phone solution. 

Do More Ministry On The Go

Now your church’s entire phone system is in the palm of your hand. Use our free mobile app on your cell phone to make and take phone calls all without sharing your personal cell phone number with anyone ever again.

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Keep Your Existing Phone Number;
Ditch Your Expensive Hardware


Keep your church's current phone number, but radically improve the way it works.

Eliminate all your costly desktop phones and never pay technicians to service your desktop hardware again!

Do more with your cell phone,
without sharing your personal number with everyone.

Enhance the capabilities of your cell phone by making and taking ministry calls on the go, responding to voicemails remotely, and cutting ties with your church office to do more of what you love in ministry.

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Reimagine Your Church Phone
System - Turn Every Call Into A
Ministry Opportunity!


Imagine a more intelligent phone system that automatically engages callers with instant email and text messages, pointing them to their next step.

Supercharge Your Landline
With Instant Text Messages

You're telling me Talk In Church can automatically text callers information and links to our website?

Sure can. You'll empower your callers to find answers and take next steps using the power of automated text messaging.

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Setup Your New Phone System In Minutes, Risk Free

No changes to your existing system until you’re sure this is the best solution for your church.

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Quick Start Setup

Add your callers and digital receptionist in minutes


Become Dialed In

Minister your community and keep healthy boundaries

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Supercharge Your Phone System With Dozens of Powerful Features For Less Than A Landline


Just type in your greeting, and listen to it instantly. It’s. That. Easy.

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Text Callers

Imagine texting callers instant info, while they are still on the phone with you!

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Create direct extensions for staff and volunteers, and attach automations to them.

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Give callers instant info and helpful choices with a multi-level auto attendant.

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No Expensive

Replace your outdated desktop or VOIP phones, without changing your number!

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Online Dashboard

Intelligent online dashboard designed to help you turn every call into a ministry opportunity.

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See Why Thousands Of Church Leaders Love Talk In Church.

It’s surprising how many more people we engage now. We can even track guests back to a phone call. Get Talk In Church. We got it up and running in minutes, and it has saved us a ton of time and money already.


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