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Finally! A modern phone system built for busy
church leaders

Turn your cell phone into a virtual phone system that keeps you connected anywhere ministry takes you, without sharing your personal cell phone number.

Setup Your New Phone System In Minutes, Risk Free

No changes to your existing system until you’re sure this is the best solution for your church.

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Minister your community and keep healthy boundaries

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Keep Your Number;
Ditch Your Equipment


Replace your costly, outdated desktop or VOIP phones, without changing your number!

Imagine never updating expensive desktop hardware again! Now you and every staff member can manage ministry calls on their cell phone.

Setup a powerful phone system in minutes without any of the painstaking headaches and costs of a land line.

Healthy Boundaries = Healthy Church Leaders

Do ministry on the go without sacrificing healthy boundaries and keep your personal cell number private!

Take calls anywhere: coffee shops, home, office, camp, or while on mission trips, without exposing your personal mobile number.

Make and take calls on your schedule with the ability to set specific times you are available to take calls. Give yourself space to rest or spend time with your family.

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Tired Of Missing Ministry Calls While Out Of The Office?

Nobody can be at their desk 24/7.

Now, you can do ministry on the go without having to share your personal cell phone number ever again.

Even if you do miss a call, our Smart Voicemail Assistant technology will give you easy access to your voicemail. Get push notifications and email reminders to listen to messages or read transcriptions. No more lost messages or messages going unheard.

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Supercharge Your Phone System With Dozens of Powerful Features For Less Than A Landline


Just type in your greeting, and listen to it instantly. It’s. That. Easy.

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Text Callers

Imagine texting callers instant info, while they are still on the phone with you!

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Create direct extensions for staff and volunteers, and attach automations to them.

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Give callers instant info and helpful choices with a multi-level auto attendant.

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No Expensive

Replace your outdated desktop or VOIP phones, without changing your number!

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Online Dashboard

Intelligent online dashboard designed to help you turn every call into a ministry opportunity.

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Turn Missed Calls Into Meaningful Conversations


Make it easy for your callers to find the answers they are looking for, including sending them texts automatically.

Imagine a system that instantly texts callers information they are looking for based on their selection…

  • Links with service times & map links
  • Plan their visit to your church
  • Register to serve or volunteer
  • Submit a prayer request

Is Your Phone System Clunky And Complicated?

Let’s fix that. Now you can use one number for everything related to ministry!

Supercharge your existing land line number, by using it for inbound office calls, text communications, and mobile calls.

If you are a Text In Church™ user, you can even integrate your existing land line phone number with your text messaging strategy.

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Access For Everyone On Your Team

Gone are the days of relying on one person to answer every phone call and pass along messages. (What if they aren't at their desk or need a day off... what then?!)

With unlimited extensions and call forwarding options, everyone on your team can easily be reached when they are available based on their own schedule.

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See How It Works. Just Type and Play.

(Type a greeting. Click the button. Listen to your message)

Nobody loves making audio recordings for their phone system.

So, we made it super easy to create amazing audio greetings with our Pro Voice Studio, that instantly converts text into professional audio greetings.

No more annoying attempts at audio recordings.
Create professional audio greetings in seconds by simply typing your message.

Easily edit our default scripts, or write your own. It’s that easy… try it out now.

Why Do Thousands of Church Leaders Love Talk In Church?

It’s surprising how many more people we engage now. We can even track guests back to a phone call. Get Talk In Church. We got it up and running in minutes, and it has saved us a ton of time and money already.


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