Features to help
you connect

2-Way Communication

Text In Church allows you to reply to texts, making it easier to have conversations and build relationships.

Unlimited Automated Workflows

Have automated workflows work for you 24/7 by sending the right messages and reminders to the right people at the right time.

Extraordinary Member Support

We don’t just have chatbots. We actually have a team of humans who care and want to help you solve any problems and answer any questions. Learn more about them here.

Phone Number & Texting Capabilities

Keep Your Number

With Text In Church, you can keep your church’s phone number! We do the work to make it capable of texting (and even make calls on the go!).

Local 10-Digit Numbers

Want a fresh number? You have the option to pick a local 10-digital number. With local 10-digit numbers, you get faster and better deliverabilty. No spammy toll-free numbers here!

Short Codes

Are you a larger church that prefers short codes to communicate with your people? We have those too!

Mass Texting

You are able to send a mass text to your members with important announcements and information without any annoying group messages!

Photo Texting

You will have the ability to send photos and graphics via text message. Perfect for event invites, announcements, and more!

A2P 10DDLC Registration

We handle it all. Yes, even the fees. Our team will work with cell phone carriers to complete registration as quickly as possible (typically within 10 days).

Time-Saving Tools

Done-For-You Templates

Between our pre-made automated workflows and quick replies, our customizable templates lay the groundwork for you, saving you lots of time.

Schedule Messages in Advance

No need to worry about forgetting to check-in on your leaders or follow-up on that prayer request with the ability to schedule messages in advance.

Reminder Messages

Set up reminder messages so you nobody slips through the cracks! Reminder messages can help you from remembering to call the new guest, to praying for the congregant in the hospital.

Staff Notifications

Text In Church can notify staff members when a new guest fills out a connect card, to let them know to send a handwritten note, to give someone a call, and more.

Celebrate Birthdays

Never miss a birthday! You have the ability to send a birthday message to your people on their special day every year.

Quick Replies

Streamline responses by utilizing ready-made messages and save time by effortlessly addressing recurring inquiries and messages.

Unlimited Features You’ll Love

Connect Cards

Gather everyone’s contact information with an easy and seamless digital connect card so you can start connecting with them right away.

Website Widgets

This is the shiny doorknob to your church! Give new guests the opportunity to plan their visit so you are prepared for them and more.

Unlimited Groups

Organize and segment your people in groups! From staff, group leaders, life groups, parents, committees, and more… this helps to tailor specific messages to specific groups.


Use keywords to gather people’s contact information, collect RSVP’s and more to keep organized.

Unlimited Emails

Text In Church isn’t just texting… you also have the power to email! And at no extra cost at that.

Unlimited Contacts

There are no limits to how many people you can have in your account!

Video Pages

Create personalized welcome messages, share event information, daily devotionals, and more with our video pages.

Notes Pages

Is what you are trying to tell your members a little too long for a text? Put it all in a Note and send a link to it! Great for bulletins, newsletters, Bible studies, and beyond.

Unlimited Surveys

Want feedback on how your last event? Want people to vote on an important decision for the church? Use our survey builder to easily send it out and gather results.

Unlimited Users

We don’t cap how many people (staff and volunteers) who can be a user on your account. You can even manage their permissions of what they can see and who they can send messages to.

  Technology & Features to Make Things Easier

Mobile App
on the Go

Ministry doesn’t just happen in your church building. Send, respond, and answer calls on the go with our mobile app!

Talk In Church

Do even more on the go without sharing your personal cell phone number with Talk In Church! You can set office hours, listen and view voicemails, have a Digital Receptionist working for you 24/7… and more! Learn more here.

Integrate with Other Tools You Love

Integrate with tools and platforms you already know and use. From Planning Center, to MailChimp, to Zapier, and more… communication has just gotten easier! Learn more about integrations here.

Google Chrome Extension

Extend Text In Church and Talk In Church functionality right into the Planning Center platform. With the Chrome extension, installed users can call and text their members right from within Planning Center!

URL Link Shortener

Don’t let those long gnarly links take up too many characters in your text! You are able to shorten links as you compose texts within our platform.

QR Code Generator

No need to open another tab on your computer. Not only can we generate QR codes, we can even make them to match your church’s brand for an even more professional look.

Advanced Analytics

Are you a numbers and data type person? We have all the numbers you’ll want with our advanced analytics.

Extra Support & Training to Set You Up for Success

A Dedicated Member Success Manager

You will be paired with one of our Member Success Managers to ensure your account is set up correctly and that you are on your way to achieving your communication goals!

Text In Church Academy

Watch training videos on how to implement different strategies and tools with your Text In Church account.

Weekly Live Lunch
& Learn Calls

Every week, you will have the opportunity to tune into a live call with one of our church experts that will answer your questions and help you use Text In Church in the best way possible for your ministry!

Private Community

You will have access to our private Facebook community with over 15,000 church leaders just like you! Here you are able to ask questions, collaborate, and learn from others.

for Life

You will have VIP access to any and all ENGAGE events, which provides online training to help church leaders use technology and communication strategies to connect with people.