Send the right messages to the right people at the right time

Connected churches lead more people to faith.

It’s like having an employee that works 24/7 at the fraction of the cost

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Gather Information

Multiple ways to add people

It’s easy to add people into Text In Church. Not only do we offer 1-click integrations with your favorite tools, but you can also import your CSV files, add information from your pew pad, or allow people to add themselves by texting a keyword and filling out a digital Connect Card.


Connect With People

Effective Automated Workflows

Connection CAN and SHOULD happen all over your church - before, during, and after service and not just on Sunday! We have proven connection strategies and automated workflows that will send emails and text messages for you. Your can even send reminders to you and staff to personally connect with guests and members!


Build Relationships

Engage in real conversations

You’ll be sending messages of encouragement, announcements, event invitations, and reminders. And you will receive responses from your people. This is a 2-way texting system. We encourage conversation that lead to building deeper relationships than ever before.

More Reasons 32,246 Church Leaders Love Text In Church

Nobody gets stuck in a group chat

When your community responds, you’ll have 1-on-1 conversations in the messages tab. Now, the whole group doesn’t have to hear about Uncle Larry’s knee surgery!

Personalized communication

You are able to automatically insert the recipient’s real name and personalize your messages, so it doesn’t feel like a generic email or text blast.

Communication on-the-go

By using our iOS and Android Apps, you have the ability to quickly send text messages to your groups, reschedule emails and texts to send at a later date, reply from your mobile phone when people need you the most, and so much more.

The Power
of a Local Phone Number

When you create a Text In Church account, you are given a local phone number (or we can port your current number!) to use.

Why a local phone number?

It’s legal

They have the best and fastest delivery rates

Doesn’t feel spammy like a toll-free number

Real people use local phone numbers. And real people want to connect with real people. So we recommend your church communicate with a local phone number.

A2P 10DLC Registration

We handle it all. Yes, even the fees. Our team will work with cell phone carriers to complete registration as quickly as possible (typically within a few days).

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Text In Church for?

Text In Church is for anyone who wants their church communication to thrive. Small, large, rural, city… any church can use Text In Church!

What if Text In Church doesn’t work out for me?

Although we’re confident you’ll fall in love with Text In Church, you can cancel at any time if it’s not a good fit. We want what’s best for you, so, there’s no fine print.

How are messages counted?

Each message sent counts as one. When you send a message to 100 people you have sent 100 messages.

What if my church is on a tight budget?

We get it, we were born out of a church plant. The good news is… using this church communication software will pay for itself, and if you could connect with one family, wouldn’t it be worth it? Start with our lowest plan and you will surely be surprised!

Can we send emails in addition to text messages?

There is power in combining text messaging and email communication for your church. Text In Church equips you with email messaging to your entire community. This includes email reminders to your staff.

What phone number do we use?

We’ll help you choose a local phone number, making conversations feel personal. No spammy shortcodes around here!

We’re planting a church, do you provide discounts?

Born out of a church plant, we couldn’t be more excited to walk alongside you in this new venture. For church plant discounts, MESSAGE SUPPORT and they would be happy to assist you.

What happens when people reply to our texts?

This is where the magic happens. You'll find all the incoming message replies in your Text In Church account inbox (similar to an email inbox) and you can respond to them right there. No annoying group chats, either! You'll communicate one-on-one with people in simple, meaningful ways.

Do I have to download anything?

No, Text In Church is a web-based software. You don’t have to download or install anything. There is no new equipment you’ll need, either. You just login to your account on your computer or the mobile app on your phone.

What if I go over my message limit?

When you reach your account plan limit, a large green banner will appear at the top of your Text In Church account when logged in to notify you, and then you move to a pay-as-you-go system. Each text message sent over your plan limit will just be 3 cents per message; you will be charged for that on your normal monthly invoice date.

Are there limits to how many users, contacts, or groups I can have?

Nope, nope, and nope. It’s UNLIMITED!

Will Text In Church work with other software tools?

We connect with your favorite tools like Planning Center, Church Community Builder, Rock RMS, Zapier, and Mailchimp to make communicating seamless.

Boost attendance, deepen relationships, and increase participation!

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What Church Leaders Like You Had To Say…

Dustin W.

We have leaned into almost everything Text In Church as to offer, and without a doubt, I can say it connected our church in ways that could not have happened without Text In Church. I can assure you that Text In Church will make ministry more effortless and more impactful to your congregation and allow you to do the job of three people while knowing things are happening while you are spending time with your family and sleeping.

Karlie C.

Text In Church is an AWESOME program. We highly recommend! Great for large and small churches alike!

William & Andrea P.

Communicating has become soooo much easier and soooo much fun!

Debbie D.

This has been a helpful tool for us to get the word out to our church family and local guests. Some people prefer a text over email, so this is a great option.