Text in Church vs Clearstream

How do these church texting services stack up?


Many churches are struggling to reach their communities and are looking for an effective way to communicate using text messaging. Now, there is a lot of competition in the church text messaging space. And while it’s great to have many options, choosing the right one can quickly become an overwhelming process.

How do you know who to trust? Companies can say one thing in their marketing, but too often being a customer (unfortunately) doesn’t line up at all with the promises they made early on. We hate it when it happens to us, too. Our team is committed to serving our customers well.

So here’s the deal… we’re not going to say bad things about our competitors. Instead, we’re going to present the facts and then let you decide if Text In Church is the right fit for your ministry.

We love our members.

It looks like the feeling is mutual…

Justin Dunaway

If you are looking for a way to make Guest Follow Up simple and effective at your church then look no further cause Text In Church is the best

Faith B.

This process works. In 6 months we went from 10% to 56% new guests not only returning, but becoming members, regular attenders or taking next steps.

Joyce Davis

Excellent. Our church uses this awesome tool I suggest all church's use Text in Church. Its fast, easy and user friendly. There is always someone available to held with an issue

Marshall Clack, II

As the Pastor of a church between 70-80 people, I tried various ideas for following up with our Guests. Unfortunately, when your main driving force is made up of volunteers, more oft than you want to admit, Guests fall through the cracks. Volunteers have good intentions, but sometimes life can be so distracting that they simply "forget" to complete their assignment and follow up on the Guest. Thankfully I came across Text In Church and have been blown away at the success of our follow-up system. If I were to name one thing that I really like about Text In Church it would be the reality that once the Guest information is entered in, Text In Church begins to work "for you!" As long as the information is correct, and our Greeting Team doesn't drop the ball, Text In Church will follow-up with your Guest while you're able to focus on other areas. I strongly recommend Text In Church. The return on the investment is worth every penny.


Text in Church, what a great platform. I have been with them a few years and it keeps getting better and better. It is not only affordable it is also innovative. I like that the team is responsibe and continues to keep the platform updated. I use it to welcome our first time visitors and keep our ministry updated on the latest meetings and things taking place in the ministry. Thank you Text In Church for your commitment in helping our churches to stay organized.

Tara Bollback

In the past we have used Mailchimp to send out communications - scheduled and immediate. We like the ease of Text In Church. With Text in Church, we can send out emails AND TEXTS within a few moments. It is not a complicated process and overall is a great communication tool for our people. One other aspect that we use regularly is the Keyword text. It is an easy way for our people to send in prayer requests, find out more information or be sent to the sign-up for an event, or to be able to view a handout during service that is too much information to include in our Bulletin and that they may want for future reference as well.

Why 32,246 church leaders choose Text In Church over Clearstream

Church leaders trust our award-winning software because Text In Church is so much more than just a church texting service. Yes, the features of our software were built to be easy-to-use, to save you time, and to help your church reach more people.

But, we also provide done-for-you templates, advanced training, and weekly strategy calls to ensure the messages you send make your people feel known, noticed, and loved. Building relationships with people this way is what keeps them coming back to your church because they know they are welcome, they know they belong, and they know you care.

Text In Church vs Clearstream


Text In Church


Free Trial


Mobile App

Unlimited Free Email Sending

Free Call Forwarding

Multiple Segments Count As One Message

Unlimited Free Email Sending

Some messages are better sent through email or maybe there is too much to say in just one text. Our members are able to send as many emails as possible. Emails are great for new guest follow-up, event details, and more. Even better? Send a text to let them know to check their email for more details!

Free Call Forwarding

Keep your personal phone number private for healthy boundaries. If somebody calls your Text In Church number, our call forwarding will go to your cell phone so you don’t have to share your number if you don’t want to.

Multiple Segments Count As One Message

Cell phone carriers set a 160 character limit (one segment) on text messages. With Text In Church you are able to send a message that contains 459 characters (3 segments) and it will only count as one message toward your allotted text messages for the month, saving you the amount messages you send and money! While other companies will charge based on the number of segments you send.

Church communication done the right way

Offering the most messages or the cheapest plan doesn't equal the best choice for your church. There are plenty of cheap choices to send out mass text blasts to all your people. But, that's not what your church is trying to do. You are trying to build meaningful relationships with the people in your community, right?


Text In Church


Automated Workflows


Digital Connect Cards

Video Messaging

Proven Guest Follow-up System

Plan A Visit Widget

Video Messaging

Want to share a special message? You can send a video message giving new guests details of what to expect when they plan to visit, a prayer to your members, a thank you to volunteers, and more.

Guest Follow-up System

Text In Church was born out of a church plant wanting to have an effective guest follow-up system and after years of working with thousands of pastors from small, large, to city, and rural communities, we have built a proven guest follow-up system that ensures nobody falls through the cracks again.

Plan A Visit Widget

Allow new guests to schedule when they will visit your church ahead of time! Plan A Visit notifies you when somebody has signed up so you are fully prepared to expect a new guest and the opportunity to connect with them before they even step through your door.

Customer Service Like You’ve Never Experienced

Our Member Support Team is quick to reply, kind and caring, and problem solving professionals. They put our members first and will go above and beyond to not only make sure you are able to use your Text In Church successfully, but you understand everything and feel good about it too.


Text In Church
Quality of Support

Church Management

Average: 8.4



Quality of Support

Church Management

Average: 8.4

It’s not uncommon for our members to gush about their customer service experience…


Stephanie was really great! She helped me to understand everything and was very patient and kind. She made the experience feel easy and not so overwhelming.


Quentin was super friendly as he helped me with the issue I had. The solution he suggested resolved the issue right away!


Corey was able to help with out any problem giving suggestions, offering quick resolutions to help us resolve our issue and create paths that will continue to help us utilise Text in Church to its full potential.

Award winning... Everything!

These awards reflect a product and work environment that is committed to excellence, making Text In Church members some of the happiest around! From our competent and committed support staff to our effective and user friendly platform, our mission is to help you spend less time managing tools and more time making your people feel embraced, encouraged, and excited to be a part of your church community.

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Known, Noticed, and Loved

Make your regular worshipers and guests feel known, noticed, and loved.


Connected Churches Lead More People to Faith

The fact is, you are able to save time, reach more people, and increase your ministry impact using Text In Church over other services.

Many alternatives limit you to only texting, but with Text In Church you can send texts and emails, as well as set reminder messages for yourself or your staff.

Save time using Automated Workflows that will automatically send the right messages to the right people at the right time. It’s like having an employee that works 24/7 and makes sure no one falls through the cracks.

Reach more people with personalized messaging that welcomes, encourages, invites, and opens doors to have real conversations with 2-way messaging.

Increase ministry impact by making it easier than ever for your community to connect with you on your website using our Smart Connect Card; another feature exclusive to Text In Church that allows you to integrate your Plan A Visit and registration forms with our church texting and email communication software!

PLUS… with unlimited contacts, unlimited groups, unlimited keywords, unlimited email sending, and unlimited digital connect cards, the possibilities to make people feel Known, Noticed, and Loved are endless.

With Text In Church, you’ll be a communication pro in less than 15 minutes and be ready for your next church service.

What Church Leaders Like You Had To Say…

Dustin W.

We have leaned into almost everything Text In Church as to offer, and without a doubt, I can say it connected our church in ways that could not have happened without Text In Church. I can assure you that Text In Church will make ministry more effortless and more impactful to your congregation and allow you to do the job of three people while knowing things are happening while you are spending time with your family and sleeping.

Karlie C.

Text In Church is an AWESOME program. We highly recommend! Great for large and small churches alike!

William & Andrea P.

Communicating has become soooo much easier and soooo much fun!

Debbie D.

This has been a helpful tool for us to get the word out to our church family and local guests. Some people prefer a text over email, so this is a great option.